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Castra: Now Part of Lumifi

All the Castra Friends You Know + More Tools!

Bringing MORE security to MORE systems, networks, and devices together with unmatched expertise.

Castra Customers


"None of us ever sleep 100% at night, but I sleep much better knowing Castra is there for us."

Andrew Lindley | CTO Vensure Employer Services

Castra delivers scalable, on-demand security expertise for:

  • Processing alerts
  • Conducting investigations
  • Automating security incident management

As a Castra customer, we can help you with:

Managed Detection & Response


Threat Intelligence

Extended Detection & Response

Remote Log Management


Help your team achieve security goals the right way

We understand the pressure security leaders are under to detect threats and mitigate risks while managing company resources effectively. Your team already processes thousands of alerts per day. That leaves precious little time for incident investigations, and even less the high-impact strategic initiatives your organization truly needs.

Best-in-class technology combined with expert human insight

We recognize the need for high-performance securitytechnology, but there’s no replacement for human insight.Our managed detection and response services combinecurated technology with qualified human expertise tailoredto your organization’s specific security needs.

Castra operates as an extension of your own security team, conducting investigations and delivering curated insights in real-time. We provide customers with full visibility into every aspect of our operations—a truly transparent Glass Box approach.


There's no such thing as "vendor lock-in" with Castra

Your data is 100% yours, and that's the way it should be.

Castra doesn’t lock you into using any proprietary technology. In fact, we’ll teach you how to disconnect from any service you want to – including ours – on day one.

You hold the keys to your tech stack, and our expert analysts manage it on your behalf. You retain complete visibility into every aspect of security operations, because MDR is our core competency.

Awards & Certifications

+ 33 B
Events recorded a month
+ 400 K
Assets under management

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