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Why Should You Work with a Glass Box MDR?

Gain insight into how your MDR solution really worksand use it to improve cybersecurity outcomes.


In today's cybersecurity environment, manual processes don’t generate results. Cybersecurity vendors use sophisticated, highly automated detection algorithms to identify, analyze, and mitigate threats in real-time.

Some of these algorithms work incredibly well. Others don’t. None of them guarantee 100% protection against all known and unknown threats. Nonetheless, information security leaders must choose one SIEM solution over the rest. That decision will have an enormous impact on the organization’s security costs and capabilities.

How does Castra define operational transparency?

Learn more from our Customer Success Manager, Crystal Martin.

The "Mystery Box" Approach Limits Improvement

Cybersecurity vendors don’t like to share the details of their work. Many will tell you they keep their techniques secret to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. Their fear is that cybercriminals will catch on and find ways to bypass their defenses.

This seems sensible at first glance but keeping customers in the dark about their own security vulnerabilities is a mistake. MDR vendors that fail to demonstrate their work and show exactly what they’re doing leave organizations with a false sense of security. They make it impossible for IT leaders to accurately defend their choice to sign up for one MDR provider over another.

But the biggest problem with MDR vendor secrecy is that it prevents organizations from performing independent audits and improving their security posture over time. When a security event occurs, there is no way to tell why it happened or how to prevent the next one.

These “Mystery Box" vendors may not even fully know how their solutions work. If their homegrown security information event management (SIEM) solution is right most of the time, that’s good enough. Customers’ data is locked into the system anyways, so they’re at no real risk of losing your business.

Under these conditions there is no incentive to improve. Audits are not possible, expenditure can’t be justified, and customers are locked in.


How does a "Glass Box" Approach to Managed Detection and Response work?


The Glass Box Prioritizes Transparency and Communication

Your MDR vendor is responsible for capturing and analyzing security event data to glean insight about your security risk profile. The more open and communicative your vendor is with you, the better-informed your team will be.

Improving your security capabilities is not possible without clear, actionable real-world data. The insight your MDR vendor gleans is incredibly valuable and should be put to good use securing vulnerable assets.

Castra’s MDR services are based on the Glass Box℠ approach. Instead of hiding our security processes from customers, we educate and instruct, showing the thought process behind every security choice our analysts make.

This approach gives control and agency back to customers. You can see exactly how your security solutions work, and gain insight into areas that need improvement. Your data remains entirely yours, and you can take it with you if you choose to switch to another provider – there is no such thing as vendor lock-in with Castra.


Make Castra Your Glass Box MDR Vendor

Castra is firmly committed to the Glass BoxSM approach to managed detection and response. Our security team acts as an extension of yours, conducting investigations and providing actionable insight backed by real-world data. We teach our customers how to disconnect from any third party – including Castra – from day one.

Castra equips diligent, highly qualified analysts with best-in-class security technologies like Exabeam and USM Anywhere. Our security operations center provides comprehensive 24/7 coverage for a fraction of the cost of managing your own in-house team. Expand your security capabilities with complete analytics delivered in a highly visible, audit-ready format you can trust.


Castra has enabled our security team to focus on core competencies and gain the visibility and insights necessary to our systems, networks, and data while enhancing our ability to adapt and scale on-demand in our highly dynamic environment.

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