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Castra Managed Services: Security Expertise and Visibility on Demand

Improve incident response and gain insight into yourorganization’s real-world security performance

Make Our Security Operations Center Part of Your Success Story

Our security operations center combines the industry’s most advanced technologies with human insight from highly experienced security analysts. When designing our US-based security platform, we drew on years of experience building and managing 24x7 security operations centers, SIEM platforms, IDS devices, and more.

The result is a comprehensive security service that empowers IT teams to detect and respond to threats in real-time. Our managed detection and response service acts as an extension of your security team, providing visibility and insight into your security posture.


We tailor security solutions around the unique demands of your environment.


Our History

Our story starts in 2012, when information security experts Tony Simone and Grant Leonard saw what the cybersecurity industry was missing: transparency. Most security vendors offer no visibility into how their products work or what kinds of results organizations should expect from using them. Instead, they ask organizations to put their data into a Mystery Box and simply trust whatever comes out.

Castra took a different approach. We provide unprecedented visibility into the security operations we perform for our customers.

Our analysts process alerts and conduct comprehensive investigations, communicating their findings so your enterprise IT team can improve its security posture. Since the founding of our company, we’ve worked with Fortune 50 enterprises, small businesses, and everything in between. We help organizations obtain 24x7 security operations without expanding their in-house team.

Meet our founders

Grant illustrated
Grant Leonard

Grant Leonard


Tony illustrated
Tony Simone

Tony Simone


Grant illustrated

Grant Leonard

Nearly 20 years experience in corporate level network security, focusing on Risk Management and Mitigation, SIEM Architecture and SIEM management at the Fortune 500, US Government agency and mid market commercial level. While designing and implementing SIEMs globally, Grant has coached and mentored incident response teams and built numerous successful SOC teams.

Tony illustrated

Tony Simone

Over twenty years experience in network security from military Information Warfare to corporate InfoSec. Designed, built and managed SOCs for US Govt, Fortune 500 and global MSSPs. Highly skilled in security operations, threat analysis, SIEM platforms and network security devices.

Our Mission

To maximize the value of complex security tools by providing clients with simple, repeatable results.

What Castra Stands For

We founded this company on four principle values that inform how we achieve this mission. They are:

  1. Honest, Ethical Behavior
  2. Trustworthy Expertise
  3. Security First Mindset
  4. "Ray of Sunshine" Service

A Castra Customer Can Expect The Best

As a Castra customer, you’ll enjoy regular meetings keeping you up to date on your security posture and reinforcing these values in concrete steps.

First and foremost, we are honest and ethical. Castra analysts don’t pretend to know things we don’t know. We also won’t lull you into a false sense of security by claiming we can do things we can’t. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, and we always support our conclusions with real-world data, not conjecture or hearsay.

We build on the foundation of honesty and ethical behavior by developing core expertise in our field. Our customers rely on us to give the best advice we can, leveraging threat intelligence and vendor partnerships to deliver trustworthy opinions about the things we know best. Castra is your trusted advisor, dedicated to guiding you towards better, more efficient security in even the most challenging scenarios.

And security is always the core of what we do. We don’t try to develop and sell proprietary technology or diminish our effectiveness by branching out into other managed service segments. Castra is dedicated entirely to its core value proposition – simplifying the value of security operations with best-in-class technologies from trusted partners.

This also means we consistently seek to apply our expertise towards improving our customers’ security policies and processes. But unlike cybersecurity vendors who leverage fear, uncertainty, and doubt to scare their customers into compliance, we act with confidence and understanding. Talking to Castra customer service is warm and reassuring. You can rest easy in the knowledge your most critical assets benefit from best-in-class protection.

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