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Castra’s Top 5 Managed Detection and Response Tools We Cannot Live Without

Keeping up with threats to your data and digital security is a daunting task, even for the most experienced professionals.

In the hands of less experienced teams, or even knowledgeable professionals with little time on their hands, it’s almost impossible. Threats continually evolve, and you need someone who is always working to prevent attacks

Castra offers advanced and proactive information security tools and techniques. While most companies always seem to be two steps behind, our managed detection and response tools work to stay ahead of cyberattacks.

Castra utilizes a blend of cutting-edge MDR tools that combine to form a solid defense against cyberattacks. We keep your data safe by actively hunting threats and staying ahead of would-be attackers.

Our top five MDR tools work in concert to keep your company secure. And the best part? We manage and coordinate all five tools for our clients, so you can focus on doing business while we keep you safe.


SIEM Technology

Security information and event management (SIEM) is a software, hardware, or cloud-based tool that detects and prevents threats while offering security visibility and meeting IT compliance. A strong SIEM tool can keep your data safe when properly implemented and managed.

Unfortunately, most SIEM efforts fail. This isn’t due to the vendor or tool in question but rather to the lack of resources dedicated to managing the SIEM. Castra offers the complete package of SIEM technology coupled with the expertise to manage it and proactively seek out potential threats. Our SIEM tools include Exabeam and USM Anywhere.


Exabeam is a scalable machine learning tool with long-term active threat searching capabilities.

USM Anywhere

USM Anywhere leverages a bundle of tools to detect threats across all your devices.


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Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence utilizes artificial intelligence to rapidly collect and analyze threat data. Your system can stay ahead of upcoming threats by knowing in advance what is out there or on its way. The efficiency of AI affords you more powerful threat detection without increasing the administrative load of managing your system.

Anomali ThreatStream

ThreatStream integrates smoothly with your current security tools to add powerful automated threat detection and hunting capabilities. Powered by threat intelligence, it streamlines security management and threat investigation.

🎥To see how Castra works with Threatstream, watch our latest webinar with the Anomali team now.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Extended detection and response intelligence combines machine learning of potential threats with a thorough understanding of your company and system operations. XDR learns about the nuances of your company’s operations and then uses that knowledge to understand the differences between regular system functions and outside threats to your security. It can detect malicious attacks, particularly those designed to hide within your system and data.

Palo Alto Cortex

Palo Alto Cortex uses advanced threat detection capabilities to root out the most slyly designed attacks. It rapidly learns to identify both benign and malicious elements to keep your end users safe and your data secure.


Remote Log Management

As more people work remotely in the COVID and post-COVID world, protecting remote logins will only be more critical for your security needs. Ensuring effective remote log management will enable your virtual teams to keep data safe and systems secure.


Wazuh helps you stay ahead of threats to remote log management. It offers ever-evolving host-based intrusion detection and endpoint vulnerability scanning to make sure each remote worker is secure and to keep threats at bay.


Start Protecting Your Company with Castra

As cyber threats continue to evolve, the work of keeping your company secure gets more complicated. Castra offers industry-leading coordination of your managed detection and response tools.

We tailor your security package to meet your individual needs. With a combination of information security tools and techniques, we make sure you have the security you need to operate safely in today’s digital world. Our experts make sure every essential element works together to offer the highest level of security and threat detection available.

Contact Castra today to learn more about our MDR offerings and how we can design the security your company needs. Castra works to keep your data protected and your operations running smoothly.