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The 2 Cyber Threat Intelligence Tools You Need on Your Side

Preventing data breaches and protecting sensitive information is what cyber threat intelligence tools are designed to do—and they do it well.

Organizations that use these tools have a much more robust security environment for protecting themselves from fraud and other costly business risks.

Our Castra experts want to introduce you to two of our indispensable cyber threat intelligence tools. We rely on these to detect and respond to advancing threats:

    1. Anomali ThreatStream
    2. XDR Solutions 

But first, a brief explanation of cyber intelligence.

What Is Cyber Threat Intelligence?

Cyber threat intelligence is a subset of information security knowledge that uses curated evidence to find, inform on, and drive action against existing or emerging cyber hazards. 

Gartner explains it this way:

Threat intelligence is evidence-based knowledge, including context, mechanisms, indicators, implications, and actionable advice, about an existing or emerging menace or hazard to assets that can be used to inform decisions regarding the subject’s response to that menace or hazard.

Essentially, cyber threat intelligence software answers the following questions:

  • Who is trying to attack?
  • How might they make an attack?
  • What are the signs of an attack?
  • How can the risk of attack be reduced?

Now that we have a definition, here are our two preferred software tools for cyber threat intelligence.

  1. Anomali ThreatStream

Anomali’s cyber threat intelligence tool, ThreatStream, provides valuable and enriching industry-specific data and actionable information to security teams. 

Here’s how Castra leverages Anomali:

  1. Anomali pushes large volumes of targeted intel into our clients’ SIEM platform.
  2. Threat hunting is initiated. 
  3. The results, concepts, and search findings are compared against client data. 
  4. Anomali compiles, validates, and scores all threat intel from various private, public, ISAC, and client sources.
  5. Castra experts reduce false positives and assess true threat values for accurate alarming.

With the sum of knowledge Anomali and Castra present, our clients can better determine what security measures to take and how to leverage those solutions in response to threats. 

2. XDR Solutions

XDR (extended detection and response) security is a software SaaS solution for threat detection and incident response. Such solutions natively integrate massive amounts of data from multiple licensed security products and components into one system. 

Castra employs XDR solutions like Palo Alto Cortex with Exabeam or USM Anywhere to:

  1. Threat hunt through networks, endpoints, and datasets.
  2. Collect log data and behavioral analytics for sorting through and aggregating relevant threat events.
  3. Analyze, prioritize, and detect over 100,000 daily security alerts.
  4. Investigate threats quickly and accurately using machine learning, analytics, and automation.
  5. Respond to actual threats by isolating endpoints, terminating processes, and blocking executions.

XDR gives a 360-degree view into our client’s security landscape and simplifies investigations to improve productivity with instantaneous detection and response.

Palo Alto Cortex

Palo Alto Cortex applies advanced machine learning and analytics for a new breed of security technology. It identifies threats and benign events with superior accuracy while contextualizing information and accelerating investigations. The result is deep detection of nefarious activity and targeted attacks.


Exabeam provides excellent visibility, analytics, workflow, and overall risk management. Its ability to craft custom rules and models for long-term active searching is unmatched for automated incident response.

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As information security experts, Castra can strengthen your security with these essential cyber threat intelligence tools coupled with our master-level experience and glass box approach. 

Here’s what FHLBank Atlanta had to say about us:

Overall the key factor in our relationship with Castra is the fact that it’s a partnership. We feel like we’re in this together, and they are not just a service that checks a box, but instead they are in the trenches with us every step of the journey. That includes working with the tools and their respective software providers as well as conducting time-sensitive investigations. Great communication is a priority, and support is instant with an awesome level of expertise.

When you’re ready for a security partner, look at our calendar and schedule an appointment for the most convenient time for you.