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Is Your Security Vendor Suffering from an Identity Crisis?

Developing proprietary technology and delivering world-class service requires entirely different business models.

Cybersecurity is a challenging, dynamic industry that rewards innovation and hard work. It’s also a growing industry that supports a wide range of new technologies and approaches. 

Unsurprisingly, the market for security services has expanded tremendously, and double-digit compound annual growth rates have become the norm. When equipping their organizations’ security tech stack, enterprise IT leaders have more choices than ever. 

This presents enterprise stakeholders with new opportunities and risks. Highly competitive markets can encourage vendors to promise more than they can deliver, and the cybersecurity industry is no different. 

This is the dilemma managed security service providers face today. They want to develop proprietary threat detection technology, build their own security automation solutions, and deliver world-class service at the same time.

Instead of doing one thing very well, they spread themselves too thin trying to accomplish everything at once.


There is a difference between Mystery Box and Glass Box℠ Managed Detection and Response Partners.

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Tech Developer or Service Provider: Cybersecurity Vendors Have to Choose

At first glance, it might seem like developing proprietary technology and delivering world-class service go together perfectly. That was Amazon’s recipe for success in the e-commerce market, after all.  

The problem is that cybersecurity doesn’t work the way e-commerce (or any other industry) works. There are fundamental differences that make it unlikely there will ever be a market-dominating “Amazon” of cybersecurity. 

At its core, cybersecurity is about risk management. Advanced cybersecurity tools help organizations manage risks associated with cybercrime – but no technology offers 100% protection against cyberattacks.  

Even the most sophisticated security technology has limits, and the responsibility for filling those gaps falls on a team of human analysts. Technology helps analysts work more efficiently, but diligence and training are just as important – and just as demanding. 

Security vendors can’t effectively divide their resources between developing proprietary technology and delivering world-class services without compromise. Either the technology underperforms compared to what a dedicated competitor can offer, or the service does. 

Remember, no security technology offers a 100% guarantee against cyberattacks. To train and deploy human analysts, vendors must necessarily draw resources that would otherwise be dedicated to improving their technology. World-class tech vendors like Palo Alto Networks can spend more than a billion dollars per year on research and development 

Cybersecurity vendors have much more to offer by specializing in the one thing they do best. Vendors who try to accomplish everything at once only hold themselves (and their customers) back from achieving best-in-class results. Enterprise IT leaders obtain better returns by working with specialists who don’t get distracted from their core values.


Castra: Dedicated Service Complements Best-in-Class Technologies

Castra is a managed detection and response provider that doesn’t suffer from an identity crisis. We know what we do best and rely on specialized technology vendors to empower our analysts with the most advanced security solutions on the planet. 

We don’t have to dedicate expertise and resources to developing new SIEM platforms, threat intelligence capabilities, or XDR technology. Instead, our team focuses on mastering the most powerful tools on the market and using them to provide world-class service to customers. 


Castra acts as an advocate and partner to its customers – not just a tech vendor.

We use our expertise to grant unprecedented control and visibility into security processes. As a Castra customer, you own your own technology and data. You’ll never be pigeonholed into using a solution you don’t like. 

Make Castra your managed detection and response provider and leverage the value of highly qualified security operations personnel equipped with market-leading technology. Build on the foundation our expertise offers and adopt a security posture that protects your customers, employees, and partners from cyberattacks.

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