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BankPlus | Case Study

BankPlus Case Study: Transparent Talent Gap Management Made Simple 

Castra helps financial institutions successfully manage security and IT personnel changes.

BankPlus is one of the most reputable regional banks serving the US Southeast. In 2021, Forbes placed it in the Top 25 ranking of the World’s Best Banks, citing its trustworthiness and high-quality digital services. 

For more than a century, residents of Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana have come to expect retail and commercial banking excellence from BankPlus. With more than $4 billion in total assets and 79 financial centers, BankPlus understands the role best-in-class security plays for its customers. 

Shareholders were rightly concerned when the bank’s Chief Technology Officer and Director of Information Technology both announced their retirements. Losing two critical members of the senior security team would expose the bank to unknown security risks. 

Even if the organization successfully replaced its security leaders immediately, it would still have to navigate a delicate onboarding and transition period. 

BankPlus had been leveraging Castra’s Elite Managed Service and ELK Logger software since 2019. Now the bank needed expert-level guidance and management for its security operations, threat detection, and SIEM management capabilities. 

By working with Castra, BankPlus successfully managed this transition period while leveraging true 24/7 security visibility into its security operations. Outsourcing core security services to Castra allowed the financial institution to make better use of its SIEM solution and expand its security capabilities at a fraction of the cost of a single full-time employee. 

Find out how you can improve the cost-efficiency of security operations and effectively address talent gap challenges with a reputable managed security service provider like Castra. 

Run the Numbers Now: Castra SOC Services vs. New Full-Time Employee 

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