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Chesapeake Regional Healthcare | Case Study

Chesapeake Regional Healthcare Case Study: Empower Security Teams with Outsourced SOC Services 

Castra’s managed services help healthcare providers make better use of security resources. 

Chesapeake Regional Healthcare is an independent, community-focused healthcare organization serving residents in Virginia and North Carolina. Chesapeake Regional Medical Center is a 310-bed acute care facility with more than 600 medical professionals on staff. 

Operating some of the area’s busiest emergency and maternity departments puts a strain on IT resources. Chesapeake Regional leadership has relied on Castra as a security consultant for more than four years. During that time, our team helped the hospital implement and manage its SIEM solution effectively. 

Security requirements and best practices change constantly, especially in healthcare. Chesapeake Regional Healthcare’s security needs quickly outgrew its in-house capacity, making it harder for leadership to responsibly manage IT resources and maintain best-in-class security. 

Addressing security anomalies was a particular pain point for Chesapeake Regional Healthcare. With an internal security team already working at peak capacity, there was no room to add lengthy, often complex security event investigations on top. It became apparent that the organization needed to outsource threat detection and response to a reputable vendor like Castra. 

This presented a new challenge that our team successfully met. Castra successfully transitioned the organization to its Elite Managed Service package, equipping its security team with fully-compliant 24/7 SOC services and personalized threat detection and response solutions. 

Find out how Castra helped Chesapeake Regional Healthcare save approximately 300 employee hours and thousands of dollars per year while empowering its security team to focus on the internal operations it knows best. 

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