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Commonwealth Charter Academy | Case Study

More Data Is Not Always Better

Online K-12 Education Presents Unique Security Challenges 

As a fully remote educational institution, CCA is particularly attractive to students whose families travel frequently. On any given day, thousands of students may log in from entirely new locations and devices. This situation generates a high volume of alerts, making it difficult for analysts to reliably identify malicious connections and activities. 

The more data CCA collected, the further it had to stretch its security resources in response. This kind of high-volume remote-enabled environment is an attractive target for cybercriminals. A single unauthorized connection may easily go unnoticed among many thousands of legitimate ones. 

In order to optimize its security posture, CCA security leaders needed to integrate monitoring through multiple platforms: 

  • Cloud resources 
  • VMware 
  • Horizon – virtualization 

Each of these solutions generates a significant volume of alerts. Taken individually, It's very difficult to get an accurate narrative by stringing together isolated logs events. The organization needs a centralized solution for collecting and analyzing log data from across multiple systems – a security information and event management (SIEM) platform. 

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