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Steelcase | Case Study

Steelcase Case Study: Optimized SIEM Management and Visibility 

Find out how Castra’s SIEM experience helped Steelcase make the most of a transformative security investment. 

Steelcase is an upmarket furniture, technology, and architecture company and a Castra customer since 2017. As the largest office furniture manufacturer in the world and an iconic American brand, Steelcase considers information security vital to its reputation and brand image. 

In 2021, Steelcase approached our team with a request. The manufacturer had recently purchased a new security information and event management (SIEM) platform but needed to improve the value of that platform without adding new hires to its security team. Steelcase asked Castra to manage its SIEM full-time. 

Castra’s experience implementing and optimizing SIEM deployments proved vital for helping Steelcase manage the operating costs of SIEM management. At the same time, our transparent “glass box’ approach provided enhanced visibility into the details of security processes.  

The company dramatically improved its security posture while avoiding unnecessary rip-and-replace costs, and gained invaluable insight into its own cybersecurity risk profile.  

Castra’s Elite Managed Service enabled the company to save on security-related operational costs while giving its in-house staff the flexibility to focus on high-priority strategic initiatives. Not only did our team take the helm of Steelcase’s daily security operations, we made them transparent, integrated, and cost-effective in a way that “black box” managed security service providers cannot. 

Discover how Castra's partnered technology and expertise can help your enterprise reduce cybersecurity spend, implement transformative SIEM technologies, and gain operational visibility into its most sensitive systems.

For a fraction of the cost of a single full-time security employee, you could be leveraging the value of a fully integrated team of highly qualified analysts and investigators.

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