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Take control of your data.

Wherever your data comes from, wherever it needs to go, Cribl gives you the freedom and flexibility to make choices instead of compromises.

Good data drives your business strategy forward.

But data is massively growing, and cleaning it up and getting it where it needs to be is complex and expensive. Your many tools try, but you can't easily find what you need when you need it, and that isn't good for business.


The Cribl suite of products puts you in the driver's seat of your data.

Cribl StreamTM is a vendor-agnostic observability pipeline that helps collect, reduce, enrich, and route your data. 

Get the right data into the right format to the right destinations at the right time, and start living the stream.

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Don’t Let Large, Complex Datasets Slow You Down

Optimizing data observability often means compromise. Enterprise security teams are accustomed to sacrificing flexibility and infrastructure budgets for observability, slowing down mission-critical tasks while stakeholders demand more.

Cribl allows security teams to route data from any source to any destination without adding new agents.

It processes data in flight, enabling security professionals to reduce noise, improve retention, and control costs while enriching logs, metrics, traces, and more.

Your Organization's Data Flow is More Complex Than It Needs to Be

Every organization must route, shape, restructure, and enrich data to carry out mission-critical security tasks. These needs only grow as the organization grows – often at a much faster rate.

At some point, every organization struggles to analyze this constantly growing volume of data. Most add new infrastructure, which increases complexity and overhead costs across the board. Then they hire new IT and security staff to make sure all the data is accounted for, putting an even greater strain on limited resources.

Cribl is an observability platform that changes the way security teams interact with data. Instead of constantly weighing down enterprise infrastructure budgets with new demands, Cribl allows organizations to route full-fidelity copies of raw data to low-cost storage and “replay” that data to analytics tools in near real-time.

This allows security teams to significantly reduce data storage and availability costs without compromising compliance, audit trails, or analytics. Achieving data observability is the first step to guaranteeing data availability – and Cribl makes it possible at any scale. 

Go Beyond Visibility to Gain Contextual Data in Real-Time

Visibility initiatives often focus on detecting known problems and identifying patterns for addressing them. They may center on alerts, outages, errors, and other critical pieces of information that security professionals need on a daily basis.

Observability takes this concept one step further, providing deep, contextual insight into data and system performance in real-time. Organizations that leverage Cribl to gain observability into their detection and response processes gain the ability to interrogate their systems for in-depth analysis without deploying additional infrastructure resources.


Make Third-Party Analytics Work for You

Enterprise security teams can’t achieve results without gathering large volumes of data. Even small organizations generate enormous amounts of data, pushing the capabilities of third-party analytics platforms to their limits.

Cribl ensures the demand for third-party analytics doesn’t overwhelm the supply of IT resources available. Instead of flooding security teams with data from multiple sources and formats, it provides insight in the form of clear, compliant data streams normalized for security analysis and processing.

Analytics tools and SIEM platforms are not designed to store data. Organizations often overpay for data storage by keeping their logs, metrics, and traces stored inside these expensive options.

Save Data in Low-Cost Storage and Replay It When You Need It

Having every event indexed and available at all times is highly advantageous; however, it comes with a hefty price tag.

Cribl solves this problem by allowing team members to replay data on demand. This recalls the data from a secure, low-cost storage location and feeds it back into the desired analytics tool on demand. With Cribl Stream, analysts can recall saved data to enhance security insights or address operational issues without paying for permanent high-cost storage.


Why add Cribl to Your MDR Solution?


Universal routing for diverse data formats.

Cribl Stream lets you integrate any number of data formats into your analytics tools. The Stream universal receiver can ingest data schedule batch collection from APIs. Ad-hoc data collection allows you to recall data from low-cost storage as needed and replay logs during investigations without incurring high storage costs.
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Enhance Decision-making with third-party data.

Use Cribl to shape the actionable data required to increase the accuracy of your critical decisions. Integrate third-party data from any source into your analytics tools to gain a holistic view of your data landscape. Receive actionable logs and metrics without missing important data points.
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Reduce ingested log volume.

Control costs and improve system performance by reducing ingested log volume by up to 50%. Eliminate duplicate fields and null values so your analytics platforms can focus on the most critical data. Cribl lets you filter and screen events without risking the raw data itself – you can keep a full-fidelity copy in low-cost storage and replay it on-demand.

Send data where it needs to go.

Route data to the best tool for the job without compromise. Cribl expands security teams’ capabilities by removing the obstacles that stand in the way of efficient routing. Different departments can work with analytic environments without implementing forwarders or new agents.

Use Packs to automate and scale data pipelines.

Packs are predefined collections of data routes, pipelines, and other metadata. They make common use cases more accessible, giving Cribl Stream plug-and-play capability. Download Stream Packs from Cribl’s repository and implement them directly into your Stream instance or have your team members create and share custom packs between themselves.
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Reduce management overhead.

Cribl's GUI-based configuration and testing environment is robust and easy to use. Analysts can capture live data and monitor the organization’s observability pipeline in real-time. Role-based activity control ensures each user has the appropriate permissions for their responsibilities.

Cribl’s data observability solution can dramatically reduce the complexity and overhead associated with large-scale SIEM deployments. It enhances flexibility while empowering analysts to access the data they need, when they need it.

Castra provides Cribl access as a supplementary add-on to its MDR offerings. Discover how Cribl can help your organization manage its data more effectively and gain unprecedented flexibility into how data supports security processes.

Talk to a Castra SIEM Specialist About Cribl