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Data Sheets

Download and discover more about our platforms and offerings.

  • Data Sheet

    MDR Pro for Exabeam

    UEBA-enhanced Security with Curated Threat Intelligence Exabeam’s SIEM platform gathers log data from your organization and analyzes it... Read More

  • Data Sheet

    MDR for USM Anywhere

    Effective Managed Detection & Response for All USM Anywhere Users Security Resources and Incident Response on Demand USM Anywhere i... Read More

  • Data Sheet

    MDR for Exabeam

    Expert Managed Detection & Response for All Exabeam Users Gain Visibility into Security Processes with Exabeam Exabeam is a SIEM pl... Read More

  • Data Sheet

    MXDR with SentinelOne

    Enterprise-level Endpoint Security for Every Business Automate Incident Response with SentinelOne Singularity XDR A typical attack scen... Read More

  • Data Sheet

    Wazuh Endpoint Detection Response

    Remote Endpoint Data is Important Castra's objective is to send logs in near real-time to our Exabeam platform; however, it is importan... Read More

  • Data Sheet

    What is Anomali's ThreatStream

    What is Threat Intelligence? Cyber threat intelligence is a subset of intelligence focused on information security. This curated inform... Read More