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MDR for Exabeam

Expert Managed Detection & Response for All Exabeam Users

Gain Visibility into Security Processes with Exabeam 

Exabeam is a SIEM platform that provides machine learning-powered user entity and behavioral analytics (UEBA). It accurately prioritizes the severity of security incidents based on an aggregated risk score.  

To arrive at this score, Exabeam collects and interprets log data from every corner of the organization. It observes the environment and establishes a baseline for every user, application, or hardware device on the network. Whenever a user or asset deviates too far from that established baseline, it triggers an alert prompting an analyst to investigate. 

That baseline is unique for every organization. 

Optimize Your Security Posture with Custom Threat Detection 

Castra offers more than product expertise to its customers. Our analysts have valuable insight into the cybercrime threat landscape and leverage that insight to optimize security performance.  

Before deploying SIEM solutions for customers, we comprehensively analyze the organization’s needs and network environment. Our goal is to develop behavioral modeling and detection rules that efficiently use the IT resources available. Avoiding unnecessary misconfigurations, we help our customers over-spending on security tasks and processes.  

Find out if Exabeam is the right SIEM technology for your organization's environment.

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