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MDR Pro for Exabeam

UEBA-enhanced Security with Curated Threat Intelligence

Exabeam’s SIEM platform gathers log data from your organization and analyzes it to identify suspicious behaviors. It leverages machine learning to establish a risk threshold baseline for every user, server, and application on your network.

When user activity deviates from this baseline by a certain amount, it triggers an alarm, prompting a security analyst to investigate. 

Castra security analysts conduct thorough investigations to determine if suspicious activity is malicious in nature.

We challenge ourselves to continuously improve our methods, conducting intensive analyses of customer needs and fine-tuning our approach to reduce false positives, lower response times, and guarantee the integrity of our customers' IT assets. 


In-Depth Threat Hunting with Anomali Threat Intelligence 

Threat intelligence is critical to achieving operational security excellence. You can’t protect against emerging threats and zero-day vulnerabilities without being aware of them. 

Castra’s MDR Pro package includes its premium Threat Hunting Pro service. We use Anomali ThreatStream to curate threat intelligence data and categorize threats based on their severity to your organization. This allows us to focus threat-hunting resources on the most critical threats and vulnerabilities first – and avoid spending that valuable time on relatively low-impact issues.

Could MDR Pro for Exabeam be the right fit for your security environment?

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