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MXDR with SentinelOne

Enterprise-level Endpoint Security for Every Business

Automate Incident Response with SentinelOne Singularity XDR 

A typical attack scenario might involve malware traveling through the network, landing in an email inbox, and then attacking a vulnerable endpoint. Organizations can’t achieve operational security while looking at those events independently of one another.  

SentinelOne’s XDR technology integrates multiple security controls into a single interface. Analysts conducting incident response can program the system to automatically isolate compromised endpoints, terminate unauthorized processes, and block additional executions. These pre-established rules can run the moment a user triggers them or operate as orchestrated one-click actions.


This comprehensive approach reduces the time it takes to detect, investigate, and respond to security threats. Having Castra’s expert team continuously fine-tune those rules enables small organizations to scale security performance for long-term growth. 

Learn how Castra utilizes SentinelOne for our customers with our MXDR solution.

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