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Castra's Edge Service


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Castra's Edge Consulting

Do you have a custom application or system not currently supported by your platform, but you need to capture those logs for correlation, reporting, and compliance? Our team can build plugins and playbooks to integrate these and other data sources into your system so that you can get real value from them.

You’re in the best hands possible. Since 2012, Castra has deployed SIEM in over 2,000 organizations globally. Our SOC is second to none and is filled with well trained, US-Based, diligent Analysts who are all Exabeam experts with several years of Security Operations experience. Our transparent, integrated, and affordable approach coupled with a near 100% renewal rate is why we recently won Exabeam’s MSSP Partner of the Year Award.

ExabeamPartner of the year 2020


    • Initial Configuration and Updates
    • Asset Discovery
    • Rule Creation, Rule Tuning, Rule Suppression
    • Data Source Enablement
    • Agent Deployment and Event Collection
    • Configuration and running a Vulnerability Scan and Result Observation
    • File Integrity Monitoring and Validation
    • Adding Remote Sensors and Observing Dashboard Results
    • Logging Correction and Improvements
    • Ensuring optimal performance of your SIEM/SOAR implementation
    • Identifying and removing any performance bottlenecks
    • Analyzing effects of existing SIEM/SOAR content to be able to plan for future content needs
    • Tuning queries to improve speed of reports and trends
    • Reviewing your SIEM/SOAR architecture to determine if business needs are being met by the current implementation
    • Validate and improving log ingestion performance