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Frequently asked questions about our products and services

  • How does this product/service answer the specific market need or application for which it was designed and is being nominated?

    The #1 problem in our industry is resources and human expertise. There are no shortages of tools and tech. Castra’s CoFounders spent years building and managing global SOC teams, and quickly learned what provided real value to our clients. Businesses need security monitoring, data retention and audit capabilities in addition to detection and prevention tools and they need it to be transparent, integrated, and most importantly, affordable. Castra’s Elite service helps clients get a total picture of their risk from a practical perspective, and provides mechanisms to mitigate concerns immediately. We choose platforms and tools that provide significant insight into client networks, and that can take action or simply provide clarity with respect to ongoing shifts in their environment. More importantly, though, we do so in a way that is open and transparent to the client so that they remain in control of their tools and data.

  • What are the business and technical advantages to enterprises or SMEs investing in this product/service?

    Castra focuses on transparency, integration and affordability .  We pride ourselves on being a partner not just a provider. Castra wants clients to be able to view and interact with the same tools we operate on their behalf. We understand clients have outsourced for various reasons, yet we want our clients to be able to monitor us and direct outcomes. There are no “black boxes” in our service and clients are encouraged to audit us as much as they see fit.  The client can see the platform, use it, and work on it with us to achieve their goals.

  • How does this product/service significantly differ from its competitors?

    To Castra, the client owns the platform, the data and the outcome.  Many of our competitors prefer to deliver "black box" systems, claiming that their proprietary and hidden solutions deliver more value. Castra knows this is simply not true, so we implement best-of-breed tools that are available on the open market and transparent to our clients. Our focus is always on making the client empowered and in control, while doing all of our work in the open for them to see.  Everything belongs to the client - always - and as such our work and all data belong to them.  We're so confident in our approach that on Day One we literally teach clients how to disconnect us.

  • What is this product's/service's total cost of ownership?

    Is it possible that some of your customers find that scalability issues, management of updates/configurations and more, increase costs associated with deployment of your solution/service?

    While the TCO will vary depending on the size and needs of the client, Castra is always up-front and clear in our pricing.  There are no hidden costs.  Importantly, the actual cost of the services will always be far less than if the end client chose to build it themselves.  In most cases we cost less than a single FTE, and in others still far less than trying to staff your own 24x7 team to monitor, manage, improve, refine and analyze the data put into the system.  Even when clients outgrow their platform and need to expand, we do not immediately raise management costs in those situations, but instead defer that until proper growth, stability and performance are achieved and we can measure the impact.

  • If applicable, what is the frequency of updates to the product/service?

    Castra's security services are updated with a near daily frequency and in perpetuum, and that is not hyperbole.  Threat detection and mitigation is never “set it and forget it.”  Threats evolve daily and as such strategies for detecting them must as well.  Threat Intelligence, a core piece of our service lines, updates hourly in most cases.  Detection methodologies, such as correlation rules and behavioral models, are updated weekly to monthly by the vendors and on an ongoing, ad-hoc basis by Castra for specific threats or client needs.  Moreover, as we learn and adjust in one environment, we propagate those improvements to all of our customers so that everyone gets the benefits.  Our team is constantly working to tune out false positives, apply the latest in detection methodology and refine results in order to ensure we provide clients with actionable alarms and alerts.

  • How has this product/service helped customers to meet/surpass corporate budgetary expectations?

    Castra delivers an excellent price point for clients given our long history in the mid-market with more budget-conscious customers. We have deployed SIEM in over 2,000 organizations all over the world, and the biggest common denominator amongst all of our customers  was their budget. We know what it’s like working with lean and mean teams. In most cases we cost less than a single FTE, and in others still far less than trying to staff your own 24x7 team to monitor, manage, improve, refine and analyze the data put into the system. All of our pricing is up-front and clear and there are no hidden costs or extra charges.  Our average sales price is less than a single full time employee and we have a 12 month commitment as opposed to the industry average 36 month commitment.

  • How does this product/service show a sound business benefit and/or return on investment? That is, how is it enabling customers and their businesses?

    Castra is able to show clear cost advantages over our competitors and can help demonstrate the business impacts of choosing to do nothing at all or select a competing solution. Our long history as security service providers gives us the experience and expertise needed to advise clients across their entire security architecture, portfolio, and demonstrate where our solutions fit with client goals and needs.