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How does this product/service answer the specific market need or application for which it was designed and is being nominated?

The #1 problem in our industry is resources and human expertise. There are no shortages of tools and tech. Castra’s CoFounders spent years building and managing global SOC teams, and quickly learned what provided real value to our clients. Businesses need security monitoring, data retention and audit capabilities in addition to detection and prevention tools and they need it to be transparent, integrated, and most importantly, affordable. Castra’s Elite service helps clients get a total picture of their risk from a practical perspective, and provides mechanisms to mitigate concerns immediately. We choose platforms and tools that provide significant insight into client networks, and that can take action or simply provide clarity with respect to ongoing shifts in their environment. More importantly, though, we do so in a way that is open and transparent to the client so that they remain in control of their tools and data.