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Castra's MDR Pro Service

Gain threat intelligence and cyber resilience directly through your SIEM dashboard

Castra’s MDR Pro service includes SIEM implementation and SOC-as-a-service capabilities enhanced with sophisticated technologies and valuable threat intelligence analysis.

MDR Pro customers gain best-in-class Threat Intelligence.

As an MDR Pro customer, your security team will benefit from valuable insights from Anomali ThreatStream, providing up-to-date threat intelligence and cyber resilience directly through your SIEM dashboard. Additionally, Castra takes on the responsibility of pushing known indicators of compromise (IoCs) into your SIEM system.


Castra’s SOC team provides 24x7 cloud-based security and health monitoring that includes:


Threat Hunting Pro

MDR Pro compiles, validates, and scores all threat intel from private, public, ISAC, and other sources, including the client! This is the ideal solution for organizations that want to take a proactive approach to finding the latest threat.

This solution includes a subscription to Anomali ThreatStream.

Pair Exabeam or USM Anywhere SIEM with Anomali ThreatStream.