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Castra's MXDR Enterprise Service

A Comprehensive Tech Stack for Growing Enterprises

Castra’s MXDR Enterprise solution combines the industry’s most trusted technologies with the irreplaceable value of professional product expertise and customization. In one step, enterprise-level organizations can leverage some of the most advanced information security technology available on the market as a scalable, on-demand service. 

Castra provides 24x7 cloud-based security and health monitoring using Exabeam or USM Anywhere as its security information and event management platform. 


Event data is enriched with a curated threat intelligence feed from Anomali ThreatStream, providing much-needed context to correlate log data with emerging threats. Castra’s deep product expertise ensures a customized deployment that corresponds to the enterprise’s real-world risk profile on an individual basis – not a composite of generic global threats. 

SentinelOne allows Castra analysts to quickly identify compromised endpoints, instantly block unauthorized activities, and protect sensitive data from exfiltration.

Castra’s focus on scalability, customization, and unlimited visibility allows enterprise cybersecurity leaders to meet and exceed security requirements while addressing tech stack challenges head-on. By combining automated workflows with in-depth customization at scale, Castra empowers enterprise leaders to transform security from a necessary cost to a value-generating asset.


Castra’s SOC team provides 24x7 cloud-based security and health monitoring that includes: