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Castra's MXDR+ Service

24x7 Security Operations for Growing Organizations

With Castra's MXDR+ service, your primary security analyst will walk you through the process of deploying Exabeam or USM Anywhere and configuring it to ingest log data from every corner of your organization.

Castra’s 24x7 security operations team can then calibrate the system to meet your unique security needs and respond to malicious activity when it occurs. 

Enhancing your security posture with our 24x7 security operations team makes enterprise-level performance available to organizations of any size. Our team monitors alarms, investigate security events and orchestrates incident response on your behalf. We document our activities according to a comprehensive incident report plan that details every step taken to secure your IT infrastructure and assets.  


XDR + Threat Detection

MXDR+ users gain additional endpoint protection with SentinelOne’s unified XDR solution. Integrating XDR into Exabeam allows analysts to collect and analyze endpoint data when conducting investigations. Once suspicious activity pushes an endpoint’s risk score beyond a pre-established threshold, Exabeam can use SentinelOne to automatically isolate the endpoint, terminate malicious processes, and block additional executions.  

Threat Detection Tailored to Your Risk Profile 

No two organizations are alike. We begin every partnership with a thorough examination of our customer’s IT environment and propose customized technology deployments to match.  

Castra’s MXDR+ package includes a complete analysis of your organization’s security posture. This helps us categorize and triage malicious activity so we can reinforce your most vulnerable defenses first.  Our analysts work continually to improve these models and add value to the detection and response process.


Castra’s SOC team provides 24x7 cloud-based security and health monitoring that includes: