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Castra's MXDR Pro Service

Gain threat intelligence and cyber resilience directly through your SIEM dashboard

Castra’s MXDR Pro solution includes best-in-class SOC-as-a-Service functionality fueled by Anomali ThreatStream intelligence data and adds a license for SentinelOne XDR platform.

Sentinel One is an extended detection and response (XDR) solution that expands detection capabilities to endpoints while enabling fast, comprehensive investigation and taking action on the endpoint.


The Perfect Comination

With Castra using Exabeam or USM Anywhere as the SIEM/SOAR component, Anomali for Threat Intelligence, and Sentinel One XDR to secure your IT environment, Castra can quickly identify and isolate compromised endpoints, instantly terminate unauthorized processes, and block additional executions.

This is the ideal way to leverage best-in-class security technology to prevent advanced and persistent threats in sensitive industries.

Castra’s SOC team provides 24x7 cloud-based security and health monitoring that includes: