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Remote Log Management


Key proposed platform components:

  1. Skybox view of each OS or container
  2. Control overflow/volume to SaaS SIEM
  3. Security posture per asset
  4. Host-based intrusion detection
  5. Endpoint vulnerability scanning

The Best OS Log Acquisition

Moder businesses are using Saas-based SIEM or Log Management systems that take advantage of all available data possible, yet there remain some limitations surrounding acquiring, auditing, and storing remote OS logs.

In the post-COVID world, as much more work remotely, leveraging endpoints logs in a top-tier ML-based SIEM can be critical thus, effective capture becomes paramount. Even with machine learning and behavioral monitoring, endpoint log acquisition can be cumbersome and occasionally valueless if not utilized correctly.

Logs are required for good security teams and compliance measures. While Castra does have a reputation within the information security industry for generating meaning full value using traditional SIEMs, we invite you to see what we can do with other tools!


Castra's take on Wazuh

Castra will have the ability with playbooks to execute on-demand vulnerability scanning or monitoring could security configurations, just to name two. Wazuh is built with an organization's future needs in mind: multi-region cloud, scale, automation, reporting, RBAC, archiving, and more.

If you speak with the likes of Gartner, they will tell you that logging, UEBA, and SOAR are now the three key components of a modern-day SIEM.

But all logs do not need to reside in the same bucket.

Your end-user base has a device, even if that device is only used to connect to a VDI; this device ultimately interfaces with your business assets daily/hourly. You may already have an ML-based EDR tool such as SentinelOne Singular XDR. EDR/XDR tools are amazing at preventing spread and stopping concerns, yet user and asset behaviors still should be collected and analyzed via our ML-base SIEM platforms.


Better Outcomes

This platform will allow hybrid security operations teams to help reduce risk, time, and exposure:

With data lakes commoditizing, this open platform can potentially reduce costs around trying to keep everything in one data repository.

Castra analysts' vision is enhanced. Shared object data and insights will improve visibility into the overall risk of users and accounts, devices, and other transitory objects in environments.

Applying intel will allow the Castra team to improve security by tackling a broader range of use cases.

Compliance and hardening concerns illustrate where the clients should be spending time and resources.

Three Tiers of MDR Service Fit Your Organization's Needs



  • 24x7 Proactive Threat Detection
  • 24x7 SOC2 Type II Security Operations Center
  • Custom Notifications, Dashboards, and Reports


  • Anomali ThreatStream Licence
  • Threat Hunting Pro
  • Customized Threat Detection
  • Expert SIEM Implementation
  • 24/7 SOC


  • Anomali ThreatStream License
  • SentinelOne Singular XDR License
  • Customized Threat Detection

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