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If you have IT infrastructure, then you have assets that are under constant threat. How do you detect if your systems are attacked? Would you know if your data was stolen or altered? What if malware was placed on a critical server? Many security products promise to protect you, but breaches keep happening. Our tools and expertise help you monitor your systems, network and other critical elements to identify suspicious activity and act before it’s too late.


  1. Kick off call

    Every Castra customer is assigned a Primary Security Analyst that they will work with on a regular basis. More than just a meet and greet, and one of the first things we do is establish an “IRP,” or “Incident Response Plan.” This IRP includes designating specific threat thresholds like, “Critical, High, Medium, and Low” and documenting all of the appropriate personnel that should be contacted if any of these thresholds are met.

  2. Establish a Schedule

    Once a detailed and measurable IRP has been established, your Primary Security Analyst will schedule a recurring call to ensure we always have a dedicated time and place discuss your security posture.

  3. Response & Remediation

    In the event that one of these threshold are met, Castra will reach out to the appropriate personnel and begin executing the Incident Response Plan.

  4. Proactive Reviews

    If none of the Threat Thresholds have been met, we like to meet on a weekly or monthly basis to review your systems, alarms, environment, and overall security posture. This is an important step in the process to ensure we are always taking a proactive approach to securing your environment.

  5. Constant Contact

    Customers can also reach out to our SOC at anytime. From there, we keep meeting every week or month on the recurring call.

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