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Gain 24/7 Threat Protection & Visibility with Castra’s Managed SIEM Services 


Put security operations in the hands of capable professionals equipped with the latest SIEM technology.

Our Managed SIEM service will help you consistently improve your organization’s security posture and maximize its SIEM investment. 

Is Managed SIEM right for you? 

Your SIEM platform is not a set-and-forget technology. It demands continuous management to address evolving threats. If your internal security team is already busy resolving ongoing alerts, it doesn’t have time to optimize SIEM performance. 

But without optimization, alert backlogs inevitably stack up. Free your internal team to do what it does best while we optimize the technology you rely on to save time, boost security performance, and improve event outcomes.


Technology and Expertise Combined 

Castra’s MDR, MDR Pro, and MXDR Pro service bundles provide organizations with some of the most sophisticated threat intelligence and SIEM software available on the market. We layer highly experienced configuration and optimization services on top of this technology, providing organizations with a streamlined managed SIEM solution for detecting, investigating, and resolving security incidents. 

This eliminates many of the obstacles that stand between security leaders and their goals. Castra offers valuable security services to growing organizations: 

  • Reduces configuration errors that lead to security blind spots and vulnerabilities. 
  • Handles each customer account – your Designated Primary Security Analyst. 
  • Proactive tuning and documented incident response plans. 
  • Identify security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. 
  • Automating incident response with multiple third-party security tools. 
  • Directly address organizational security weaknesses and mitigate incident risks. 
  • From reputable vendors, providing real-time insight into your unique risk profile. 
  • Enable analysts to isolate compromised endpoints, terminate processes, and block executions. 

SIEM Platforms

Castra provides managed SIEM services in partnership with two of the industry’s most reputable technology vendors:


Exabeam provides New-Scale SIEM technology with robust automation and behavioral analysis capabilities. Exabeam’s User Entity & Behavior Analytics technology leverages machine learning to model account and asset behaviors, allowing analysts to detect and mitigate insider threats, compromised accounts, and more.


AT&T AlienVault USM Anywhere offers analysts a unified suite of security tools condensed into a single platform. It integrates seamlessly into AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, allowing growing organizations to implement best-in-class security practices with limited resources. 

“Castra has been our team's true partner and a real extension. Their SIEM and Security Operations knowledge has been and continues to be very impressive. They add value to our team, and we look forward to continuing to work with them on current and future projects.” 

Todd Stringer | Vice President & Information Security Officer BankPlus 


Make Castra your Managed SIEM Service Partner 

Security leaders are under increasing pressure to protect sensitive systems and manage risk efficiently. Building an in-house security operations center seems like the most straightforward option, but it comes with significant costs. Simply hiring enough analysts to provide 24x7 security monitoring coverage can cost more than $1 million per year. 

Castra has implemented thousands of SIEMs in every industry, all around the world. We’ve heard every objection to managed security service partnerships there is, and we’ve developed solutions that address them. 

“Our in-house SOC is managing just fine.” 

That may be true, and you may have enough talented analysts onboard to conduct investigations, mitigate risks, and respond to security incidents today. But how will your security team accommodate growth?  

Your security operations need scalability. Every new user your organization adds is another potential source of security alerts and events. New tech deployments and corporate acquisitions can quickly strain even the best-prepared teams. Partnering with Castra allows security leaders to allocate security resources where they’re needed most and continue to deploy resources as the organization grows.


“There are more budget-friendly options out there.” 

There may be, but they may not provide true visibility into your security environment. In fact, they’re more likely to obscure their security operations behind proprietary technology and ask you to give your most sensitive data to them based on trust alone.  

There’s no guarantee they’ll give you that data back if you cancel your agreement. Once you’re locked in, there’s no going back. 

Castra works differently. We empower our customers to face the challenges of security leadership head-on. That’s why we provide unlimited visibility into our customers’ environments and teach them to disconnect from all services (including our own) from day one. That’s one of the driving forces behind SC Media recognizing Castra as one of the Top 5 Managed Detection and Response services on the market today. 


“I’m not sure Castra’s SOC can support our environment.” 

Our SOC 2 Type II-accredited security operations center is based in Durham, North Carolina, and employs a growing team of highly trained security professionals. Our organization is built on efficiency, intelligent automation, and excellent management. We’re uniquely qualified to provide scalable managed SIEM services to organizations of all sizes. 

We count small businesses, M&A-oriented enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies among our clients. Castra is equipped to support security operations in the most challenging environments, bringing operational security excellence to organizations of any size at every level of complexity.  


  • Security information and event management (SIEM) technology help organizations detect, investigate, and respond to cyber security threats before they cause significant damage. SIEM platforms collect log data from various sources and analyze it to identify suspicious activity. The most advanced ones use emergent technologies like machine learning to automate security threat detection and response. 

    Analysts use SIEM technology to gain real-time visibility into network activity, mitigate cyberattack and data breach risks, and comply with information security regulations. As with any tool, the success of a SIEM implementation depends partly on the competence and expertise of the analysts who use it. 

  • There are many different types of SIEM platforms on the market, each with different features and functionalities. The three main characteristics all SIEM solutions have in common are:

    • Real-time log collection and correlation. SIEM platforms ingest log data from throughout the organization and correlate that data to identify unauthorized activity. These logs can come from endpoint devices, web servers, applications, operating systems, user sessions, and more. The SIEM provides a single point of reference for that activity in real-time. 
    • Real-time alerts and notifications.  The SIEM triggers an alert when it notices suspicious activity in log data. This alert goes immediately to an analyst, who then investigates that activity. Advanced SIEM deployments may include integrations that enable analysts to respond to cyber threats by blocking unauthorized executions and terminating processes.
    • Built-in analytics and reporting. Even a small SIEM deployment may register thousands of events per second, and large ones can register hundreds of thousands. For analysts to make sense of this data, they need powerful alert prioritization and reporting capabilities. This ensures that a high-severity or advanced threat gets addressed first.  
  • A managed SIEM service is a partnership that outsources SIEM management and optimization to a third-party provider. This managed security service provider takes on the responsibility of implementing, configuring, and maintaining the organization’s SIEM solution and deploys its analysts to detect and respond to threats for customers. 

    This helps organizations manage their cyber security resources more efficiently. It puts dedicated security experts in charge of SIEM configuration and deployment and provides valuable expertise to in-house security teams. 

  • Very few organizations have sufficient cybersecurity resources to meet their needs. Most in-house security teams have significant alert backlogs. Manually addressing these alerts takes time away from high-impact strategic initiatives like optimizing SIEM performance and implementing better security policies. 

    Managed SIEM services allow in-house security teams to spend less time on high-volume, low-impact work like manually addressing alerts. Instead, they can focus on the work they do best while enjoying improved operational security performance. Security consulting and SIEM management give organizations a cost-effective solution to boost their security posture without having to hire additional personnel. 

  • Security leaders need to remain in control of their data and have deep visibility into how that data is protected. Castra’s managed SIEM services allow security leaders and their teams to proactively secure their data against new and emerging threats while providing the expertise they need to keep their users and assets safe.