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The History of Castra and AT&T / Alienvault

Castra has been partners with AT&T / AlienVault since 2013 and we have deployed USM in over 2,200+ organizations all over the world. 2,200+ successful USM Implementations are a testament to our mastery and USM Anywhere expertise. USM Anywhere’s rise in adoption amongst Small to Medium Businesses and Small to Medium Enterprises, played a key role in Castra’s growth since our inception. Deploying 2,200 platforms is one thing, deploying 2,200 successfully with a large percentage of customers returning for more services is another. Castra was using USM Anywhere before it was even released and worked closely with AT&T / AlienVault’s development team as it came online. We have deep knowledge of this platform.

You’re in the best hands possible. Our Security Operation Center is based in Durham, North Carolina and it is second to none. Our SOC is filled with well trained, US-Based, diligent Analysts who are all USM Anywhere experts with several years of Security Operations experience. Our transparent, integrated, and affordable approach coupled with a near 100% renewal rate is why we’ve been AT&T AlienVault’s #1 Partner since 2013.

Castra's Favorite Things About USM Anywhere

  • Unified approach of bundling several tools into a single platform
  • Valuable for organizations who have limited resources
  • Seamless integration into AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Built in Intrusion Detection
  • Onboard Vulnerability and hardening tools
  • Integrated Threat Intelligence: Open Threat Exchange - OTX
  • Optional AV Agent to monitor endpoints
  • Optional AV Agent to gather telemetry and collect logs from your workstations and mobile devices
  • Deploying, rebuilding or replacing sensors is simple and can be completed in minutes

Managed Detection and Response Services for USM Anywhere include:

    • Expert assistance on new service deployment from Security Operations Team
    • Designated Primary Security Analyst and 24x7 SOC
    • Documented Incident Response Plan
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Data Sheets

Download more informationbased on the services youneed here.

6 Tiers of MDR Service Fit Your Organization’s Needs



1-1000 Users

  • 24/7 Proactive Threat Detection
  • 24/7 SOC2 Type II Security Operation Center
  • Custom Notifications, Dashboards and Reports
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1-1000 Users

  • EDR/XDR Licensing
  • 24/7 Security Operations Center
  • Primary Security Analyst
  • 24/7 Premium Alarm Monitoring & Response
  • Custom Reporting and Dashboards
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1-5000 Users

  • EDR/XDR License
  • Customize Threat Detection
  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring & Response
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1-5000 Users

  • EDR/XDR License
  • Anomali ThreatStream License
  • Threat Hunting Pro
  • Customized Threat Detection
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MXDR Enterprise

5000+ Users

  • EDR/XDR License
  • Anomali ThreatStream License
  • Threat Hunting Pro
  • Customized Threat Detection
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