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Stay One Step Ahead with Curated Threat Intelligence Services  


Use actionable data to improve security processes and event outcomes.

Castra combines expert knowledge and experience with leading threat intelligence services to gather, analyze and disseminate information about potential threats to your organization.

Threat Intelligence Services Reduce Cyberattack Risks 

Your organization’s risk profile has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Threat intelligence provides insight into how cybercriminals can exploit those weaknesses. You can’t address your vulnerabilities without first identifying the threat actor and the tools, techniques, and tactics they're using. 

The cybercrime landscape is constantly changing. Organizations that neglect to invest in a threat intelligence platform can only protect themselves against yesterday’s security threats.

Proactive threat hunting focuses on the technologies and techniques cybercriminals are using today. 


Why Curated Threat Intelligence Matters  

You can’t protect against cyberattacks without knowing how they work. All detection-based security technologies rely on threat intelligence data to some degree. That’s how they know what type of attack/threat to look for. But the quality, accuracy, and timeliness of that data changes dramatically between providers. 

Open-source threat intelligence feeds provide daily insight into new and emerging threats. This can generate an enormous volume of data – up to 19 million daily threat indicators. 

This volume makes it practically impossible for analysts to incorporate threat intelligence into security event investigations. 

These feeds include threats your organization isn’t vulnerable to. To truly incorporate threat intelligence feeds into security operations, you need a curated list of new and emerging threats that apply to your organization’s actual risk profile. 

Gartner® Report

3 Way to Apply a Risk-Based Approach to Threat Detection, Investigation and Response

Every department within an organization has a different definition of risk. So how do you, an information security leader, define cybersecurity risk for your executive team?

The first step is defining your threat landscape. Read Gartner® research now to help start your organization’s risk management conversation.

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Introducing Anomali ThreatStream for Exabeam and USM Anywhere

Anomali ThreatStream provides security teams with actionable intelligence and curated insight into emerging cybercrime techniques, tactics, and procedures. By filtering the massive flow of threat data down to the most critical information, Anomali enables analysts to effectively incorporate tactical threat intelligence into their workflow. 

As technical experts with years of experience, Castra uses these technologies to provide proactive threat hunting services to ThreatStream subscribers. 


Actionable Threat Intelligence Services Make a Difference 

Many security leaders are hesitant to leverage threat intelligence insights in detection and response workflows. Although the results can be transformative for busy security teams, obtaining organization-wide buy-in has its challenges. Some of the objections we’ve encountered in our work include: 

I already have a threat intelligence feed, why change it? 

Many security technologies include generic threat intelligence data, but the volume of incoming indicators makes the feed near-impossible to use. Your security personnel are under intense pressure to close investigations and deliver results on time.  They don’t have time to comb through millions of potential threat indicators, so they avoid it whenever possible. 


What makes Anomali’s threat intelligence data better? 

The quality and reliability of Anomali’s threat intelligence data has earned it a reputation as a leader in the cybersecurity industry. The company correlates data from multiple trustworthy sources and filters out noise and redundant entries. It then processes that data according to its subscribers’ needs, using industry-specific data to assign severity scores to specific threats.  

This provides analysts with immediate access to the threat intelligence data they need when conducting investigations. It also enables managed detection and response vendors like Castra to conduct proactive threat hunting on its customers’ behalf.


Why shouldn’t I bypass Castra and buy directly from Anomali? 

This puts the responsibility for integrating and optimizing threat intelligence feeds on your in-house staff. It also means you carry the burden of identifying the parameters Anomali will use to curate your threat intelligence feed. 

Both these responsibilities take valuable time away from urgent security processes. That means facing a bigger backlog and resolving fewer alerts while your security team manages the Anomali integration. As a longtime Anomali partner, Castra is well-equipped to integrate and optimize the threat feed directly into your existing security framework.


  • Threat intelligence is evidence-based knowledge, including context, mechanisms, indicators, implications, and actionable advice, about an existing or emerging menace or hazard to assets. It usually comes as a data feed that provides real-time, actionable insight into new and emerging threats in a standardized format.

  • There are generally three "levels" of cyber threat intelligence: 

    • Strategic
    • Operational
    • Tactical

    Each category of intelligence serves a different function. Analysts leverage all three types of intelligence to determine how to respond to new and evolving threats. These categories can tell analysts what network security tools to use, what policy changes would improve the organization’s security posture, and more. 

  • Generic threat intelligence platforms contain an enormous volume of information. That means in-house security teams have to comb through the data when conducting incident response investigations. These personnel need fast, reliable access to relevant threat indicators. The best threat intelligence platforms make this information available readily – without requiring extensive search and query operations.

  • Castra leverages ThreatStream to automate the collection of threat intelligence data, minimize false positives, and conduct proactive threat hunting exercises. This helps security teams clearly distinguish between critical-severity threats and low-risk alternatives. Security teams that leverage Castra expertise can get more out of their threat intelligence services than is otherwise possible. 

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