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Partner with Castra:

Managed Security Services for Value-Added Resellers

Leverage scalable expertise and comprehensive technologies to become your customers’ trusted security advisor. 

Castra helps value-added resellers deliver comprehensive security solutions and expertise to customers. Build your service package around our highly-visible security operations and world-class technologies. 

"Working with Castra is nothing short of an exceptional customer experience. Along with their renowned expertise, their attention to detail, and their collaborative, open and transparent approach, they are the epitome of what an MDR should be providing to their clients. I have worked with Castra from both a partner and a customer perspective and will continue to partner with Castra wherever my cyber security career takes me now and into the future."

- Chris Niesen | Cyber Security Consultant / Digital Forensic Analyst 

Technology we work with: 


Why Become a Castra Partner?

Our core value revolves around our state-of-the-art 24x7 security operations center and the expertise of the analysts who staff it. We equip value-added resellers with scalable detection and response capabilities suitable for meeting enterprise security demands. 

Castra doesn’t hide its processes in a "Mystery Box" the way most security vendors do. We provide unlimited visibility into every action we take on our customers’ behalf. This visibility represents a key value for resellers who need to know exactly what their partners are doing at any given moment.  

We Help Resellers Generate Value Through Security 

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Castra’s partnership program offers much more than highly qualified security expertise equipped with best-in-class technology. We help resellers generate value through information security-as-a-service in multiple ways:

  • Scalable Security Operations Center performance 
  • White-labeled marketing content 
  • Proven sales processes guided by expert support 
  • Competitive pricing for 24x7 security capabilities 
  • Training for sales and marketing staff 

We deeply understand the needs and concerns of information security leaders.

As our partner, you can leverage that understanding to refine your messaging and deploy proven marketing strategies for building your brand. We’ll help you design and implement a complete market strategy that meets your organization’s goals. 

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But don’t take our word for it. Castra has demonstrated the value of its technical expertise and customization capabilities for years. We have conducted: 

  • More than 50 partnership enablements with managed services providers and value-added resellers like yourself. 
  • Hundreds of customized integrations covering everything from purpose-built plugins to bi-directional software orchestrations. 
  • More than 2,000 SIEM and UEBA deployments in organizations of all sizes in almost every industry. 

With our team supporting your reselling campaign, you can tailor your customers’ technology deployments to fit their needs to the letter. We’ll help you capitalize on every opportunity to improve your customers’ security posture without forcing you to pay for services you don’t end up using. 


Is your customer, a Castra customer?

Become Part of the Castra Community

Upgrade your security capabilities with our results-driven security expertise. As our partner, you gain access to some of the most reputable security technologies on the planet along with complimentary marketing and sales training for your team. Castra will help you grow your brand and earn your customers’ trust with high-impact Glass Box security performance. 

Contact us to learn how we can work together.