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Introducing the Women of Castra

How Tomorrow’s Female Leaders Are Changing the Cybersecurity Industry 

Having a diverse security workforce isn’t just the right thing to do – it has a measurable positive impact on security performance. 


Women make up half of the population, but less than one quarter of the cybersecurity workforce. 

Diversity and inclusion are increasingly important for technology leaders in every industry, yet very few information security teams have a meaningfully diverse workforce. 

This is despite the fact that most technology leaders acknowledge the importance of gender diversity in the workplace. Encouraging women to pursue careers in information security requires a greater level of commitment. 

Encouraging Women to Participate in the Cybersecurity Industry is Vital to its Success 

It’s important to keep in mind that there are still 3.4 million more open cybersecurity positions than qualified applicants to fill them. Excluding women from security positions – or paying them less than equally qualified men – doesn’t make economic sense. 

Castra continues to demonstrate its commitment to actively engaging women in the cybersecurity industry while providing ample opportunities for women to advance their careers in this exciting and rewarding field.  

Hiring women is more than an exercise in social justice, however. It’s also an important part of Castra’s identity, helping to define our values and improve the quality of the services we offer customers. 


Castra’s Commitment to Gender Diversity Improves Security Performance and Incident Outcomes 

Effective security comes from a combination of expertise, insight, and personal experience. Detection and response workflows rely on collaborative team effort, and gender diversity meaningfully enriches that collaboration by offering new perspectives, concepts, and experiences. 

According to a study by Cloverpop, teams with both male and female perspectives make better business decisions 73% of the time. In a security context, this can mean the difference between falling victim to a catastrophic cyberattack or successfully mitigating it in its early stages. 

At the same time, evidence suggests the cybercrime industry is more gender-diverse than previously thought. Security teams can’t understand or predict cybercriminal behavior without drawing meaningful contributions from the female experience. 



Customer Success Manager

Crystal comes from a project management background, starting her career with a construction company that specialized in telecommunications. This is where she earned her Project Management Professional certification and began cultivating the valuable skills she uses every day at Castra. 

“I love working with all our customers and learning how each customer utilizes cybersecurity differently. This role feeds my urge to always keep learning and that every day is not the same. It is also a fantastic feeling knowing that your work is helping other people which is so rewarding.” 



Implementation Manager

Reanna began her career as a Computer Operator for the US Air Force. It was the influence of an exceptional colleague that inspired her to challenge her problem-solving skills in network analysis and security. After completing her service in the Air Force, she joined AT&T as a Network Security Analyst and became a Technical Account Manager for the company’s AlienVault platform. This position was the bridge that connected her Castra, a longtime AT&T partner and AlienVault service provider. 

“Working at Castra has provided the flexibility I need as a working mother while continuously challenging me with new customers and cutting-edge technologies. What I find most rewarding about this field is its emphasis on continuous learning and collaboration among teams. It's this aspect that truly fuels my passion for Network Security.”



Tier 1 SOC Analyst 

Grace joined Castra in April 2023 as a Tier 1 Analyst. Her career path includes working with the North Carolina Department of Revenue, performing technical support for a small business, and working as a Help Desk Technician for a college-preparatory school. Her experience working with government agencies, small businesses, and academic institutions gives her valuable insight into the unique security concerns these organizations face every day. 

“I knew cybersecurity was what I wanted to specialize in before I got into IT. After gaining some IT experience, I started applying for entry-level security positions. What I love about security is the ability to investigate, find vulnerabilities, and learn how to make an environment more secure.” 



Marketing Director

Tabitha brings ten years of traditional and digital marketing experience to Castra. Her background in digital marketing, graphic design, social media, analytics, and management help support the Castra brand through every step of the customer experience. She brings valuable insight drawn from years of practical marketing efforts for information security, automotive retailers, real estate companies, and politically affiliated organizations. 

"I’ve worked in various industries in my career, but none have positively challenged and intrigued me more than information security. Starting as a freelance digital marketer for Castra gave me a sneak peek into how Castra provides exemplary service, the incredible expertise of the Castra team, and honestly – that infosec is just so cool! I knew I had to take the leap, switch industries, and come on board full-time. I haven’t looked back since.”